Decoating aluminum wire

Induction decoating: Efficient removal of coating from aluminum wires

Induction can be used to quickly and efficiently remove the coating from an aluminum wire – a common process in transformer construction.  The control technology of the generator is of crucial importance:

MF generators by eldec ensure process reliability in transformer production

Aluminum wire is indispensable in the production of transformers and electric motors. It usually has a special insulation coating that must be removed before brazing the wire. For many producers, induction annealing is the method of choice for a variety of reasons: The aluminum wire is simply passed through an inductor (the tool) and, within seconds, heats up to a specific temperature that causes the coating to evaporate. This method of decoating features high repeatability and is easy to use.

However, aluminum presents special challenges as a material: Depending on the alloy grade, the metal has a melting temperature of less than 660 °C. The temperature during the induction annealing process must therefore be significantly lower than this value. It is also important that the heat is distributed evenly in the metal – even when the wire has a complex winding.

Considering these factors, various users in transformer production rely on the induction technology from EMAG eldec. They use medium-frequency generators with power ratings between 20 and 30 kW that are capable of controlling the flow of energy during decoating with high precision. EMAG eldec engineers also adapt the shape of the inductor to precisely fit the workpiece. The heat is generated in the aluminum wire evenly, quickly, and effectively. This allows the coating to be removed from the surface in a uniform manner.  

Decoating aluminum wire

Technical data

  • Quick induction decoating
  • Precise generator control
  • High repeatability    
  • Customized generator configuration
  • Perfectly adjusted inductors




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