Decoating copper wire

Transformer production: Decoating copper wires quickly and efficiently

Specially coated copper wires can be decoated quickly and effectively using induction technology from EMAG eldec. At a temperature of 600 °C, the coating evaporates within seconds – ideal for industrial applications such as the production of transformers or electrical machinery.   

MF generators ensure high speed when decoating copper wire

In the production of transformers or electrical motors, many copper wires are used that have a special insulation coating. Before being connected, their ends need to be stripped of this coating – a standard process that takes some time. This can be accomplished using a variety of methods. However, sanding down the insulation is difficult if the wire has several layers and a process using open flames carries certain health and safety risks.

Considering these factors, a major manufacturer of transformers is now EMAG eldec technology. The specialists clean the ends of the copper wire using an induction process. The coating evaporates at a temperature of about 600 °C. An important factor is that the heat is distributed evenly in the metal – regardless of the complexity of the wire’s winding.

The induction technology supplied by EMAG eldec is critical: The process uses a 30 kW medium-frequency generator, as well as an inductor specially made for the customer. For instance, it has a special coating that prevents short circuits during the heating process (when making contact with the wire). The MFG generator stands out with a control technology that ensures perfectly even, fast, and efficient heat input. As a result, users benefit from a perfectly consistent decoating process.  



Decoating copper wire


  • Uniform decoating
  • Fast processes
  • Precise control    
  • Customized generator configuration









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