Decoating tanks

Induction: Decoating tanks quickly and efficiently

With induction technology from EMAG eldec, tanks in nuclear power plants can be renewed quickly and effectively: The old coating on the inside of the tank is removed using an induction process.

HF generators by EMAG eldec: Quick renewal guaranteed

Renewing tanks in nuclear power plants is a real challenge – especially since the old coating on the inside of the tanks needs to be removed very thoroughly and the tank opening is very narrow. Grinding, for example, would present a number of challenges: it takes too long and removing the grinding dust completely takes a lot of effort.

Induction decoating is an efficient alternative for this application. One German power plant operator has been using this process for years: The coating on the inside is heated to a specific temperature using a flat inductor. The resulting gases are extracted by a mobile extraction unit. At the end of the process, the tank is free of residues.

Technology from EMAG eldec plays a key role in the decoating process: The ECO-series, high-frequency generator uses microprocessor technology to control the adjustment range, efficiency, and energy dosage with extreme precision. As a result, the process is especially fast, energy-efficient, and reliable. In addition to the flat inductor, EMAG eldec also built a long hose bundle to enable users to reach every corner of the tank.

Fast, safe, and easy to use – decoating a tank with induction technology from EMAG eldec doesn’t take long, avoiding excessive downtime.



Decoating tanks


  • Thorough decoating
  • Fast and reliable process
  • Precise generator control
  • Low tool cost









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