Gas-shielded annealing

Gas-shielded annealing: Induction improves sintering processes

Precise working temperatures are a prerequisite for producing carbide components through sintering. A major manufacturer relies on technology from eldec: The workpiece is heated by gas-shielded annealing.

HF generators by eldec: better process reliability for gas-shielded annealing

Pressure and heat are the key factors when sintering. The process is used to permanently join fine-grained metallic base materials. The workpiece must not become too hot, otherwise it may start to melt. A key task for users is to accurately control the working temperature in the furnaces and keep it consistent.

For the production of carbide components in small quantities, a major producer now relies on gas-shielded annealing. The process uses a generator from eldec that provides the energy required for the heat buildup in a very short amount of time. This makes the process much faster and more efficient than it would be using a furnace. The generator can also be controlled precisely, and the process temperature can be changed from one part to the next. The inductor, also made by eldec, has multiple windings. The specialists have designed it to precisely to meet the requirements of sintering.

Overall, users benefit from a very robust technology that proves itself under the difficult conditions of sintering: eldec generators are maintenance-free. In addition, the controller protects the device against short circuits and idling.       

Gas-shielded annealing


  • Precise temperature control during gas-shielded annealing
  • Sintering with maximum process reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Robust technology






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