Braze-fitting carbide metal blades

Induction brazing: Fast and reliable joining of carbide metal blades to cutting discs

A German manufacturer of meat grinders relies on induction brazing by eldec to firmly join carbide metal blades to cutting discs. The process is fast, precise, and extremely reliable.

Induction brazing: Generators by eldec ensure process reliability

The cutting disc of an industrial meat grinder has to withstand enormous loads. Situated between the conveyor screw and the perforated disc, it cuts the meat into a fine paste. In large factories, the machine runs for many hours a day. The continuous operation wears down the blades of the cutting disc, therefore the tool needs to be replaced periodically.

A German company specialized in the production of high-quality cutting discs relies on extremely stable carbide metal blades. They are attached to the disc by induction brazing. The process consists of several steps: First the specialists apply flux and three-layer solder to the base structure and the blades. The second stop is induction brazing using eldec inductors and generators. The entire cutting disc is placed on a star inductor that heats the part evenly from below. The process only takes 50 seconds.

eldec technology ensures a stable temperature of about 700 °C – never exceeding a specified value to prevent the flux from burning. This makes the entire induction brazing process extremely reliable and fast. The cutting disc with carbide metal blades ensures an extremely consistent processing quality. 

Braze-fitting carbide metal blades


  • Fast induction brazing
  • High process stability
  • Energy-efficient process
  • Consistent part quality




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