Brazing short-circuit rings

Induction brazing of short-circuit rings in electric motor production

Induction heating is a rational method for induction brazing the short-circuit rings of short-circuit rotors in electrical machine construction. The procedure is simplicity itself. The short-circuit ring is laid onto the ring inductor, which is about the same size as the short-circuit ring; the rotor with the short-circuit rods is placed into the trough-shaped groove of the short-circuit ring and the filler metal is added in pellet form. The induction brazing is then started, with the pyrometer controlling the temperature.

Short-circuit rings for manufacturing electric motors (in this case for a locomotive drive system) are brazed here using an eldec MFG 150 medium-frequency generator with field-controlled ring inductor and temperature control on a brazing bench which can be adjusted for various motor sizes.