Gas-shielded brazing of metal hoses

Gas-shielded brazing: Perfectly joining metal hoses and flanges

For the production of metal hoses, a German automotive supply company relies on inductive gas-shielded welding. The eldec technology used ensures high component quality in every detail, and allows the supplier to achieve great success within the industry.

Induction technology from eldec: Producing metal hoses fast

A flexible metal hose is typically the central connection between a truck’s engine and its exhaust system. The part is continuously moving and therefore experiences a lot of wear. This makes the part quality a primary focus for production planners.

A special challenge is the end of the hose: It has a flange that needs to be installed so that it is perfectly form fitting, leak-tight and without error. This makes gas-shielded induction brazing the perfect solution, as this process does not produce annealing discoloration on the surface and minimizes oxide formation. In other words: The process quality is particularly high, ensuring a long service life for the hose.

A German supplier is using an automated induction process to manufacture various hoses with diameters between 120 and 190 mm. The required medium-frequency generators and inductors are made by eldec.  eldec engineers also determined the optimal tool position during gas-shielded brazing in several trials.

Last but not least, the generator excels throughout continuous use. It provides absolute control of the energy input and is matched perfectly to the component – a prerequisite for cost-effective gas-shielded brazing in large-scale production.

Gas-shielded brazing of metal hoses

Technical data

  • Repeatability in gas-shielded brazing
  • Energy efficient
  • High part quality
  • Short cycle times
  • Automated process




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