Gas-shielded brazing of tank nozzles

Gas-shielded induction brazing: Producing tank nozzles in top quality

The automotive industry requires very high quality brazing processes. Therefore, a German supplier relies on gas-shielded induction brazing: Using a process from eldec, a connecting piece is perfectly welded to a car’s tank nozzle.

MF generators by eldec:   Process reliability in brazing

The premium segment of the automotive industry requires extraordinarily high quality of components and workmanship of all parts – such as interior, drive train, and safety features. Making the production of such cars a challenge in every respect. Even seemingly innocuous parts are the focus of the production planners and are being continuously optimized.

The tank nozzle or tank inlet illustrates these high requirements: A German manufacturer relies on eldec technology to achieve the best possible results in the production of this component. Gas-shielded induction brazing is used to attach a connecting piece to the car's tank nozzle. The process uses an inductor with a shielding gas shower and an ECO LINE 15 medium frequency generator by eldec. The resulting product is especially clean and safe from leaks. It also shows very little annealing discoloration. Previously, there was still some weaknesses to contend with, such as when using the welding process, hairline fractures in the part formed. However, with the gas-shielding induction brazing, this is a thing of the past!

The development of this process presented a special challenge to the experts at eldec. In a series of trials, developers determined the ideal duration of the shielding gas supply, and which type of solder yielded the best processing results. The user also benefits from the generator technology: It is maintenance-free and built from particularly robust components. In addition, the energy can be applied very precisely, with an accuracy of around two percent. The end result is a perfect process for high-end car production.

Gas-shielded brazing of tank nozzles


  • Fast processes in a shielding gas atmosphere
  • Brazing with perfect results
  • High repeatability  
  • High part quality




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