Joining gearwheels

Induction heating: Comprehensive temperature control for shrink fitting

A German OEM relies on eldec technology for shrink fitting of gears: Precisely configured inductors ensure the right machining temperature of the part.

Shrink fitting: Induction ensures process reliability

Precise, reliable and fast – the enormous advantages of shrink-fitting for the installation of complex components benefit many industries. Take automotive, for example: A German OEM uses the process to firmly join gears to a transmission shaft. Shrink fitting takes place as part of automated manufacture: In the first step, the gear is induction heated to 155 degrees Celsius and expands. Next, a gripper quickly and precisely positions the warm component on the shaft. The part shrinks as it cools down, creating a very stable connection.

The induction heating of the gear is completed in about 15 seconds using this technology from eldec. However, the design of the associated inductor posed a challenge for the experts. The final shape was the result of several trials. Now the tool not only precisely follows the outside dimensions of each gear, but also reaches into the center bore of the component. This way, the induction flows through the gear in an ideal manner.   

The induction specialists at eldec used infrared cameras to document that the heat distribution in the gear is even, and the center bore is heated to the required temperature. In addition, the trials showed that no structural changes occur in the component. This is also thanks to the MF generator by eldec. It controls the flow of energy precisely and efficiently. A robust rectifier, inverter modules and resonant-circuit components ensure reliability – an important quality in the automated joining processes of high-volume automotive production, because the stability of the entire production sequence depends on the stability of the generator.

Joining gearwheels


  • Temperature 15 seconds
  • High repeatability for shrink fitting
  • Even heat build-up in the gearwheel
  • Minimal energy consumption 




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