CUSTOM LINE – SDF® generators

CUSTOM LINE SDF® generators: using two frequencies simultaneously

With SDF® generators, two different frequencies act simultaneously on the workpiece to be heated, causing the entire component to be induction-hardened with absolutely uniform depth and temperature.

New precision – maximum flexibility

The outstanding advantages of this patented method are especially evident when hardening complex components. Such as gearwheels, for example: While medium frequencies essentially penetrate more deeply into the gearwheel, primarily heating the tooth base, the high frequencies heat the tooth tip. This is why the SDF® method applies two different frequencies simultaneously to the workpiece to be heated. The entire component is heated with absolutely uniform depth and temperature.

To achieve this, SDF® generators have one HF converter and one MF converter sharing a common power output, with HF oscillation being superimposed on the basic medium-frequency oscillation during the SDF process.

However, the conventional use of HF and MF energy is always possible as well, giving the user a versatile generator with high power density (power 50 to 3000 kW, frequency: 10 kHz to 25 kHz and 150 kHz to 350 kHz).

CUSTOM LINE – SDF® generators


  • Simultaneous heating with medium and high frequencies
  • Accurate surface hardening on complex contours
  • Versatile use as pure MF or HF generator
  • Combination of pulse width modulation and pulse train control
  • High speed PLC with eldec control print: short clock frequencies for extremely rapid control
  • Extremely high energy density for short process times
  • Can be integrated into automated lines
  • Low energy consumption per workpiece
  • Little to no surface oxidation
  • Minimization of component warpage




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Generators for inductive heating


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