PICO-M - generators

PICO-M: mobile generator for perfect induction heating

Induction generators of the PICO-M series are standardized and consequently cost-effective – without any compromise in quality. The device is available in a medium-frequency version (50 and 75 kW) and a high-frequency version (25 and 35 kW).

High power density for induction heating

Specially designed eldec control, proven inverter technology, and an intuitive operating interface – the advantages of eldec's compact PICO-M induction generators are of direct benefit to any user. All in all, this is a simple yet very powerful induction generator based on standardized components – and that is what makes its costs of investment so low.

With various operating and control modes and timer functions as standard features, these generators can be used in a very wide range of applications.
For example, PICO devices are used during inspections at power plants, to heat the tensioned bolts on turbine casings. Another typical application is the heating of components and parts for a subsequent joining process – for example in the production of rotor caps, crankcases, or automotive powerplant components. The PICO series is also used for standard tasks such as induction brazing, for which the eldec brazing gun is available.

The extensive package of options for PICO-M also includes a craneable housing (with IP54 protection) on wheels. There is also the option of control by foot pedal or an external interface.

PICO-M - generators

PICO by eldec – Compact, Red, Strong


  • High power density
  • Plug & play
  • Intuitive operation
  • Wide range of applications
  • Tested technology
  • Compact dimensions
  • Operating modes: Continuous, Jog, Timer
  • Control modes: Power, Current, Temperature (pyrometer)
  • 8 different timers each with max. 600 sec runtime
  • Operation is intuitive, using a membrane keypad and display screen
  • Dual channel emergency stop

Technical Data PICO-M

Type/Rated capacityMains connection
+/- 10% 50/60 Hz
Required cooling
water without
Generator dimensionsWeight
VAl/minW x H x D mmkg
3 x 40010027550 x 560 x 510120
PICO-M 75 MF3 x 40016032550 x 560 x 510120
PICO-M 25 HF3 x 4005011550 x 560 x 510110
3 x 4006312550 x 560 x 510110


PICO Generators


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Generators for inductive heating


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