Decoating steel barrels

Induction decoating: Removing residues from steel barrels quickly and efficiently

Refurbishing steel barrels is a standard process for manufacturers of industrial packaging. Chemical residues in the barrel or damaged coating surfaces need to be removed effectively – for example using induction. EMAG eldec’s process is exceptionally fast and thorough.

MF generators by EMAG eldec ensure thorough renewal of steel barrels

Since 2012, a major German manufacturer of industrial packaging has been relying on this technology for decoating and recycling steel barrels. Thorough, residue-free renewal is a key challenge because the chemicals transported in barrels form deep deposits under the surface.

Induction annealing meets all the requirements. The process is fast and reliable: A ring inductor travels along the length of the barrel as part of an automated process. In addition, a flat inductor heats up the base. The metal reaches a temperature of around 500 °C, causing both the coating and the chemical residues to evaporate from the barrel. 

The induction technology required is from EMAG eldec: The experts first design custom-fit inductors that enclose the outside diameter of the steel barrel with a millimeter precision – a key factor for even heating. A medium-frequency generator by EMAG eldec with a power output of 70 kW serves as the energy source.

It is able to supply both inductors with alternating current simultaneously and independently. The subsequent application of energy is very quick and precise. This minimizes deformation in the barrel and maximizes the energy efficiency of the decoating process.

Decoating steel barrels


  • High repeatability     
  • Thorough decoating and renewal
  • Quick process for steel barrels
  • Precise control

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