Induction Brazing

Induction brazing – the joining procedure for high-quality joints of metallic parts

Induction brazing has many advantages over flame or furnace brazing. Fast, precise and reproducible heat input and reliability are outstanding benefits of this technology. eldec offers generators that are ideally adapted to the requirements of induction brazing.

Induction brazing is ideally suited for high volume production

Applications such as soldering or brazing involve significantly faster heating times compared to heating in a furnace or by flame. In contrast to heating by flame or in a furnace, where only the surface is being heated by convection, the induction process creates heat within the parts. Therefore, induction heating of workpieces is faster than heating by conventional methods. Precisely controlled, powerful generators are required to ensure fast and controlled heating. With the generators of the PICO, MICO, ECO LINE and CUSTOM LINE

eldec provides an ideal product portfolio for induction brazing. All sources of energy by eldec can be controlled with regard to power, current, and temperature. This makes it possible to respond in the best way to the individual requirements and environmental conditions of each process. The ability to heat workpieces and components for brazing purposes highly selectively, with only minimal impact on surrounding components, is a unique feature of induction brazing. Therefore, induction brazing is also suitable for areas that are very difficult to access, and require secure, high-quality joining. Due to the consistent heat input through the precise energy metering by eldec generators, induction brazing is an ideal process for high volume production.

eldec offers solutions for induction brazing for the following materials

Induction brazing of copper, copper alloys, brass, aluminum, iron, steel, stainless steel, and all types of carbides. In addition, materials such as tungsten, chromium, nickel, nickel alloys, cobalt and precious metals can also be joined by induction brazing.

Overview of the benefits of induction brazing

  • Superior brazing quality due to consistent heat input. The basis is provided by processor-controlled eldec generators.
  • Immediately ready for operation – the high performance of eldec generators instantly provides the required power to start brazing.
  • Ideal for serial production due to precise process repeatability.
  • Minimal wear of inductors – the heating process by  induction brazing does not require any contact between the inductor and the workpiece..
  • Maximum safety of induction brazing – the induction brazing process involves no fuel gas and no open flame. Selective heating directly targeted at the desired area of the workpiece.
  • Minimized energy requirements – during waiting times or pause intervals, eldec generators require virtually no energy (except standby power for the control system). The induction brazing process can be restarted immediately, without delay or warm-up period.
  • Easy and safe application of induction brazing – the heat input for induction brazing can be controlled very easily and with high precision.
  • Reduction of porosity and weak brazing joints, due to precise and reliable process control, such as power and time.
  • Reduction of cold brazing joints – the heat input during induction brazing occurs directly, without negatively affecting the base material. (reproducible)

Use of induction brazing by sector (examples)

  • Automotive industry
  • Generator construction / power plant construction
  • Aerospace industry
  • Electrical engineering
  • Home appliance industry
  • Toolmaking industry
  • Fittings industry
  • Air conditioning industry

eldec sample applications for induction brazing

Induction Brazing


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