Brazing automotive swivel fitting

HF generator by eldec: precise induction brazing for automotive production

High quantities are typical for brazing processes in automobile manufacture. At the same time, the process must be absolutely consistent in the quality of its results – an ideal prerequisite  for induction brazing with generators from eldec.

Induction brazing in an inert gas atmosphere

In this example, a swivel fitting is brazed using copper brazing alloy in an atmosphere of inert gas. The major advantage of this is that the mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen gas prevents oxidation on the material. The brazed connection consequently displays an absolutely uniform surface, which is a critical attribute for automotive production.

The reliability and energy efficiency of the process is assured by a high-frequency generator from eldec with a power output of 10 kW. The maintenance-free and fully protected device also boasts precise energy application and high power density, which form the basis for efficient induction heating in shielding gas atmospheres and make it especially useful in large-scale automotive production.

The HF generator, in turn, is the product of elaborate manufacturing processes. Before shipping, it undergoes comprehensive testing according to extremely stringent quality standards. This results in a virtually maintenance-free and highly robust technology, which can be integrated easily into any automotive production environment.

Brazing automotive swivel fitting


  • Maintenance-free and reliable
  • Repeatable induction brazing
  • High process speed
  • High efficiency ratio
  • Devices protected by robust technology
  • Oxidation-free brazing

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