Brazing bus bars

MF Generator by eldec: Very fast Induction Brazing of Transformer Bus Bars

Bus bars are an essential component in the manufacture of transformers – this solid element is a flexible way of transporting and distributing power. When brazing the bars, precision and stability are essential. MF generators ensure that energy is supplied with pinpoint precision.

Induction brazing at a fast pace

The precisely applied brazing process ensures the  bus bar will have a high electrical conductivity which will last for many decades. At the same time, fast brazing processes are a basic prerequisite for the economical production of transformers in high volumes, as it is usually necessary for many individual copper parts to be joined together.

An ECO-LINE 30MF generator from eldec makes it possible to carry out each brazing process in an extremely short time. With their microprocessor-controlled control architecture or PLC, these devices provide a high-precision energy supply, allowing the energy supply to be controlled by current, power output, or temperature, depending on the relevant requirements and environmental factors. An electromagnetic field is generated on the copper bars, where the frequency, power, and field characteristics are transferred to the region being heated.

All the central components of the induction generator come from eldec's own production. The engineers comprehensively adapt its configuration to the requirements of the specific bus bar production operation. This also benefits users by making their brazing processes highly energy efficient.

Brazing bus bars


  • Bus bar brazed in an extremely short time
  • Energy efficient process
  • Precision-fit generator configuration
  • Devices protected by robust transistor technology
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy operation and handling

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