Brazing copper lines

Brazing to connect copper lines

Brazed joints on lapped flat copper wires, for example, which are encountered in diverse forms in electrical machine construction, are easy to produce with the aid of our pistol-type brazing tongs. The generator is equipped with a cable output (up to 15 m long) at the end of which the coaxial handheld transformer with the easy-to-use, pneumatically operated brazing pistol is connected. Very high quality demands are placed on the joints of the winding elements, which can be met in this form only by the inductive heating method. For example, temperatures produced in the brazing points and in adjacent regions must be precisely limited. In addition, the brazing points are often poorly accessible. The brazing tongs, flexibly guided by a balancer, can perform well in this case. Operation is simplicity itself. By means of a hand-operated switch on the pistol, the pneumatically operated plunger is actuated in the first position. The preset power value is started on the generator in the second position in order to achieve the same brazing quality when brazing every time.

Brazing flat copper wires used in the production of electric motors

Brazing flat copper wires for electric motors is complicated. The joint must be of high quality and any insulation which has already been fitted should not be damaged. Using a mobile eldec MICO-M 30 MF, fitted with an arm and balancer on which the brazing gun with an inductor tailored to the workpiece is mounted, flat copper wires can be brazed on a time-controlled basis. The result is a process that can be reproduced precisely and that the neighboring insulation does not get burnt.