Brazing flat copper wire

MF generators used in transformer manufacture: brazing flat copper wire quickly and accurately

Brazing flat copper wire can be complex The joint must be of high quality and the existing insulation shall  not be damaged. With MF generators from eldec, the process is fast, reliable, and economical.

Process reliability for induction brazing

The brazing pistol sits with a clamp on the flat copper wire and brazes it to a cable lug – processes like this occur very regularly in transformer manufacture or in railway engines.

The insulation fitted previously to the wire poses a particular challenge. It must not be damaged during the heating. This is a perfect job for induction brazing with MF generators from eldec. The MICO-M 15 MF model is used, along with a workpiece-specific inductor. The heating is carried out at a high speed in order to reduce the heat transfer in the insulated area. The induction brazing is timer-controlled. This ensures consistent quality in the brazed joint.

Customers benefit generally from the performance and flexibility of the MICO generators: they can be configured with rollers, crane hooks, forklift brackets, and various work surfaces, and can be equipped with a wide variety of tools, inductors, brazing guns, and auxiliary devices.

Brazing flat copper wire


  • High repeatability
  • No damage to the insulation
  • Stable brazed connection
  • Quick heat-up time
  • Timer control

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