Brazing heat exchangers

MF Generator by eldec: Rapid Induction Brazing of Heat Exchanger Components

High efficiency makes all the difference: heat exchangers must transmit cold or heat as efficiently as possible – and the connection elements, especially, play an essential role in that. The induction brazing of the components is therefore an important part of the process in heat exchanger assembly. eldec generators act as an efficient source of energy.

Induction brazing with eldec; faster, more reproducible, and more reliable

Heat exchangers are used in a very wide variety of applications – in machinery manufacture, power plant construction, and in energy supply. The technique preferred is often induction brazing with a phosphorus brazing alloy. This makes the brazed connection exceptionally secure. The alloy also reliably fills the joint between the heat exchanger and the connection element.

Many users opt to use a flame for these brazing processes. However, this process is very slow. In addition, the temperature cannot be controlled precisely, which results in variable brazing quality. Induction heating, by contrast, is faster, more reproducible, and more reliable, as demonstrated by the induction brazing shown here using a phosphorus alloy.

The energy source used is an eldec medium-frequency generator with 15 kW power output. The user benefits from a technology that allows its energy supply to be controlled within a few percent. The entire process is completed in a few seconds. This increases the reliability of the brazing process considerably. Furthermore, overall energy consumption is low due to the high efficiency of the eldec generator.

Brazing heat exchangers


  • Reproducible brazing processes
  • High process speed
  • Maintenance-free generator technology
  • High device protection
  • Easy operation and handling

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