Transformer output

MF Generator by eldec: Induction brazing ensures the effectiveness of the transformer output

Induction brazing with pre-laid brazing foil guarantees absolutely uniform connections. This is why the technique is often used for demanding output leads on transformers. A MICO-L 50 MF from eldec reliably supplies the precise working temperature for brazing.

Solid brazed connection with brazing foil

High-quality brazed connections play a special role in the outgoing leeds from large transformers. These solid copper bars are the means by which the transformed electricity leaves the installation. They therefore need to be connected to one another with high precision and stability. This ensures decades of power transmission without losses.

In this example, the user opted for a brazing process using brazing foil. The brazed connection is also very uniform and there is always an adequate amount of material in the brazing gap. At the same time the evenly distributed alloy offers a minimum amount of voids.

When brazing with brazing foil, it is especially important for the working temperature to be absolutely uniform and for the heat to be applied with precision. These factors are assured with eldec's technology. This is achieved by the use of a customized flat faced inductor along with a MICO-L 50 MF with 50 kW output and pyrometer temperature control. The device excels especially in this area of application.

Transformer output


  • High-precision control by pyrometer
  • Rapid brazing
  • Economical energy consumption
  • Solid components
  • Customized configuration
  • Pyrometer temperature control


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