Heating expansion bolts

Power plant construction: Heating tensioned bolts quickly and safely

The builders of power plants are using technology by eldec for fast induction heating of tensioned bolts. Users also benefit from lower costs.

Induction heating: MF generators by eldec simplify the process

Tensioned bolts are indispensable in power plant construction: First, the tensioned bolt is heated, becoming longer as a result. This allows technicians to tighten the nut on the tensioned bolt. The bolt returns to its original shape as it cools, creating a tight connection.

The heating process with induction hardening has many benefits for the user, as it is capable of heating the bolt to the desired temperature in only a few minutes. The installation technician simply inserts an induction rod into the bolt and starts the heating process. The energy is provided by a 15 kW medium-frequency generator. Depending on the size of the tensioned bolt, the power can be as high as 30 kW using the PICO, ECO LINE or MICO series from eldec.

This process is why power plant builders today rely on technology by eldec. This technology allows them to have several inductors that are used on a variety of different sized bolts, while also ensuring energy-efficient processes.

Last but not least, eldec technology is more cost-effective than comparable processes. For example, many applications still use heating cartridges that can only be used once and are then discarded – a labor and cost-intensive approach.

Heating expansion bolts


  • Quick induction heating of tensioned bolts
  • Long tool life
  • Easy operation
  • High process stability
  • Energy-efficient process

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