Induction melting

Induction melting is a safe and reliable process for the melting of metals

Induction melting is especially suitable for melting glass and metals (e.g. precious metals). The process of induction melting is faster, safer, more reliable, and more cost-effective than melting with a gas flame, and is also particularly energy efficient.

Generators from eldec allow particularly energy-efficient solutions for induction melting.

The solutions eldec has developed for induction melting offer the user three decisive advantages over melting with a gas flame: safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Induction melting is carried out without any external application of heat; the heat is generated in the material or the crucible itself. The likelihood of workplace accidents due to heat or flame, and the risk of fires, is therefore drastically reduced. Moreover, induction melting is considerably cleaner than melting with a flame, as it involves no contamination from combustion residue. Finally, induction melting is also considerably more energy efficient, as the electrical energy is converted into heat directly in the metal, with no loss of heat through the flame or by heating from outside.

Precise control of the energy applied in induction melting is made possible by the use of eldec's high-quality generator technology.

This technology permits reproducible results of uniform quality, contributing to the outstanding cost efficiency of induction melting.

Induction melting


  • Precisely controlled application of energy
  • Repeatable results and quality
  • High process stability
  • High safety for workers
  • Increased energy efficiency


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