Joining and separating shrink-fit connections

Shrink-fit connections are simple to join and separate by means of induction heating. Uniform heating expands the outer mating part (here: a rotor cap) without negatively affecting the microstructure. This means that a shrink-fit connection can be both produced and an existing one can be separated. Here, the induction coil is formed by heating cables that are wrapped around the outer component to be joined and are connected to the induction heating system via a special switching box. The induction heating method uniformly and gently heats the component to be joined without producing overheated areas. The generator power for induction heating is controlled via a thermocouple, which means that the setpoint temperature cannot be exceeded.

System description:

Mobile generators, which are also used for other process techniques such as brazing or hardening, are used for the inductive heating process for joining or separating shrink-fit connections. Thus, one cable output can be set up for shrinking using induction heating and another cable output for brazing. All that is necessary is a switchover function within the device to the respective power output.
The type eldec MFG 100 DA system introduced here is equipped with the conventional coaxial transformer and additionally with a cable box.
Depending on the workpiece size, the necessary heating cables can then be connected to the cable box.