eldec LLC

Our Staff and Services – Experience and Talent

Established in Auburn Hills, Michigan in 1998, eldec LLC sells, manufactures and services induction heating coils and power supplies throughout the North American market, including the United States, Mexico and Canada. We also remanufacture, refurbish and repair existing coils and power supplies. Our products are used in various applications, including but not limited to: brazing, heat treating, shrink-fitting and adhesive curing.

Customized Design and Manufacturing

At eldec, every new induction heating coil or system starts with a design review by our experienced engineers. Your induction coils are custom designed with optimal coupling distances and geometry to fit your specific part, and are rendered in SOLIDWORKS by our talented engineering designers. Depending on your part geometries, these coils take on various sizes and styles, such as: single turn, two-turn, face-heating, clamshell and clamp inductors – to name a few.

Our experienced coil makers, including Scott, custom manufacture inductor parts on CNC milling and turning machines to your project’s specifications. After assembly, every power supply is fully inspected and tested to ensure quality workmanship and process capability prior to shipment. Once an induction coil is built, our process development staff can help you optimize your power settings to meet your specific project requirements.

Convenient Service Options

If your existing power supply requires service, eldec’s highly trained service personnel are able to address the functionality of your machine at your convenience. This can be done at our facility in Michigan or we can travel to your facility for inspection and repair.

Service is not limited to our own coils. We also refurbish and repair coils from other suppliers, and we offer dimensional and functional inspections as well.

Application Consultations

Every project begins with a consultation with our knowledgeable application engineers. Let’s get the conversation started.