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ECO LINE generators by EMAG eldec:High-quality induction solution for any production process

“Integration” is one of the most frequently used terms in the development of modern production solutions. Different applications and processes are running in rapid succession within the machine or the production system. It is therefore not surprising that induction heating is used in an increasing number of application areas: Using this technology, many important processes like hardening, joining, brazing, or pre-heating (for welding processes) are easy to integrate automatically into a production process. The experts at eldec, an EMAG subsidiary based in Dornstetten, Germany have a thorough knowledge of these applications. For more than 30 years, this company has been developing high-quality, robust generators to provide energy for inductive heating. The ECO LINE generator series plays a particularly important role. Its technology is flexible to configure, virtually maintenance-free, and features a long lifetime. On this basis, it is particularly easy to integrate inductive heating. In addition, the process reliability in any production environment increases significantly.

The degree of automation in industrial production has been increasing for years. The trend is to integrate as many subprocesses as possible, adapting them to the requirements of the workpiece. This is the background for the increasing importance of inductive heating. It is used whenever workpieces or components need to be brought to a defined temperature in order to be brazed, welded or joined. This method is precise and highly reproducible. It has a vast range of applications, ranging from the automotive and machinery industries to the energy sector.

Wide range of power ratings

With that in mind, the generators that provide the energy source for induction are of particular importance very different production processes and inductive applications, all of which, of course, require a customer-specific generator solution. At the same time, all these generators must meet the most stringent quality requirements. These were our objectives in developing our ECO LINE series. This technology can be perfectly adapted to any environment and requires very little space. Generally speaking, the specialists offer medium and high-frequency generators. In the ECO LINE series, they have a continuous power rating from 5 to 150 kW (MF version) or 5 to 75 kW (HF version). For any induction heating process, a matching power rating is available.

On the other hand, ECO LINE generators feature very advanced power electronics and control technology, and multiple connection options. This makes it easy to integrate them into machines or processes, and to connect them to an overall control system at the same time, if required. In addition, eldec can supply each power rating with two or more outputs as an option. This is important, for instance, if different workpiece geometries require two separate inductors for heating. In such cases, it is of course a great advantage – in view of space requirements, internal cabling and control – if only a single generator is needed regardless. The operating cycles of both inductors can be configured flexibly. Output option “2A”, for example, can heat the parts one after the other. Option “x2” heats them simultaneously and independently, and option “2” heats them symmetrically. This wide range of power ratings, outputs and control options makes it easy to select a matching energy source for each inductive heating process. Users then benefit from a robust technology with more than 90% efficiency that doses energy to an exact percentage.

No maintenance required

It is equally important that EMAG eldec supports its contacts even in the early stages of a project in order to identify the optimum induction solution. The generators are then built in complex manufacturing processes and undergo thorough testing before delivery. It is noteworthy that the eldec experts also manufacture the resonant oscillation circuit and a majority of the components in-house. This is the only way we can live up to our own expectations with regard to power density and reliability. Generators that are virtually maintenance-free and quietly do their job for many years. Induction technology thus ensures a high degree of safety in the production process. Quality, efficiency and flexibility.