Generators for cutting edge hardening for tool and die making

Tool and die making: eldec generators accelerate processes for cutting edge hardening

Maximum hardness for tool and die making: the cutting edges of the tools and dies are hardened highly effectively with eldec induction generators. The flexible technology significantly shortens and simplifies the hardening process.

eldec generators open up all kinds of possibilities for induction hardening

The manufacture of tools, dies, and molds is one of the most demanding fields in metalworking. The steels used are particularly hard, but nonetheless have to be machined with extreme precision. This is because the finished tools are used to produce complex parts in high volumes, for example in car body production. Quality in toolmaking thus has a direct impact on the quality of the automobiles produced.
Induction hardening brings advantages
The hardening of cutting edges therefore plays an important role for tool and die makers. This procedure hardens the elements on the tool or die which are subjected to the greatest stress in the stamping machine or press. To do this, the user heats the outermost layer of the cutting edge to a temperature of about 800 or 900 degrees. After cooling, the surface of the edge is harder and more resilient to wear. Three methods are used most commonly: flame hardening, the very expensive option of laser hardening, and induction hardening. The third of these alternatives, especially, offers advantages in terms of processing quality and time, as well as in safety, reliability, and cost.

Generators as the energy source
With induction heating, the tool reaches the required temperature much quicker, because the heat is delivered directly to the volume underneath the surface. With flame or laser heating, only the surface itself is heated at first. Using eldec generators as the energy source for induction hardening offers further advantages. They allow users to precisely control the power, current, or temperature, in order to respond to external influences and ensure a uniform hardening result. The technology also features excellent energy efficiency.

Successful use in tool and die manufacture
They are currently being used by tool and die makers Werkzeugbau Laichingen, for example. This company has a MICO generator from eldec and uses induction hardening to accelerate its production processes (these tool and die specialists previously used flame hardening and laser hardening). At the same time, the company is developing new expertise regarding the technology, which then directly benefits its customers. They are improving the fit and configuration of the device for the active part of each tool or die. This results in a uniform hardness distribution on many different tools and dies for punching, bending, and forming.

This application example is also highly significant for eldec; the induction experts see new market potential for their versatile MICO generators in tool and die manufacture. These generators cover a wide output range and can be fitted with many different tools. This opens up all kinds of possibilities for tool and die makers.

Generators for cutting edge hardening for tool and die making


  • Energy source and cooling system in one
  • Power, current, or temperature can be controlled precisely
  • Low energy consumption for induction hardening
  • Rugged construction
  • Comprehensive testing of the devices
  • Mobile solution on casters is available


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