PICO-L generators

PICO-L: powerful induction heating for economical processes

The generators of the PICO series make induction heating easier, more efficient, and safer. With PICO-L you can choose from medium-frequency versions (50 to 150 kW) or high-frequency versions (25 to 75 kW).

Powerhouse for induction heating

Mobile, easy to operate, stable design, and comprehensively tested – these are the hallmarks of all PICO devices from eldec. The “L” designates the most powerful version with up to 150 kW in the medium-frequency version.

On top of that, the device naturally also features the high quality typical of the PICO series: For example, the temperatures of cooling water and heat sinks are monitored continuously, as is the temperature of the generator and inductor cooling water. This ensures a high degree of work safety and operational availability for induction heating.

Other important features include the specially designed eldec control, proven inverter technology, and the intuitive operating design. Take the memory for program management, for example: it makes it very easy for the operator to configure the device precisely to meet the requirements of the specific workpiece or material.

In addition to the extensive standard features, including the three operating modes of Continuous, Jog, and Timer operation and a dual channel emergency stop function, there is also a whole range of optional features. These include, for example, control by foot pedal or an external interface.

PICO-L generators

PICO by eldec – Compact, Red, Strong


  • High power density
  • Easy start-up
  • Suitable for many components and materials
  • Operating modes: Continuous, Jog, Timer
  • Control modes: Power, Current, Temperature (pyrometer)
  • 8 different timers each with max. 600 sec runtime
  • Operation is intuitive, using a membrane keypad and display screen
  • Dual channel emergency stop

Technical Data PICO-L

Type/Rated capacityMains connection
+/- 10% 50/60 Hz
Required cooling
water without
Generator dimensionsWeight
VAl/minW x H x D mmkg
PICO-L 50 MF3 x 40010027550 x 910 x 800140
PICO-L 75 MF3 x 40016032550 x 910 x 800160
3 x 40020037550 x 910 x 800170
PICO-L 150 MF3 x 40031550550 x 910 x 800200
PICO-L 25 HF3 x 4005011550 x 910 x 800130
PICO-L 35 HF3 x 4006312550 x 910 x 800140
PICO-L 50 HF3 x 40010027550 x 910 x 800160
3 x 40016032550 x 910 x 800180



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