MIND-L 1000

MIND-L 1000 – Modularity for Optimal Induction Hardening Solutions

Focused on mass production: The new generation of vertical rotary table machines for induction hardening from eldec has arrived. The modular design of the MIND-L 1000 allows for custom hardening solutions for the most diverse workpieces with a maximum length of 800 mm (31 in).

Induction Hardening with the MIND-L 1000 – Full Process Integration in a Single Machine

The MIND-L 1000 replaces the MIND 750/1500 series, which have been proven over the last 10 years – achieving reduced costs, allowing for lower prices thanks to an optimized modular system.  MIND-L 1000 hardening machine is winning over customers with an even higher availability resulting from functions optimized down to the very last detail. With its “ready for automation” concept including an (optional) integrated gantry, the MIND-L 1000 can be perfectly integrated into manufacturing lines. The hardening system features improved accessibility in set-up mode and for servicing. A solid overall design architecture and precise positioning allow for reproducible and consistently stable results. 

The eQC modules (eldec quality control) offer extensive process and machine condition monitoring. 

Like all hardening systems from eldec, the MIND-L 1000 implies full process integration, such as simultaneous induction hardening, annealing, cooling, measuring, etc. for workpieces of up to 200 mm (8 in) in diameter and 800 mm (31 in) in length. The MIND-L 1000 is available with energy sources of 10 to 1,000 kW in LFG, MFG, HFG, DFG (Dual Frequency) and SDF® (Simultaneous Dual Frequency) frequency ranges.

High Precision Tool System – a New Dimension in Quality Control

With its High Precision Tool System (HPTS), eldec is moving into a new dimension of quality control: With 3D design, 3D printing, 3D measurement, and 3D Coil Connect, eldec is able to guarantee a new level of quality for induction heating. 

Quality Begins with Design

The best version of the inductor and its contact with the workpiece is crucial for the optimal heating results.  At eldec, we use state-of-the-art 3D design software and rely on our development engineers decades of experience for the construction of these high-precision tools. 

Selective Laser Melting for Precise Inductor Geometries  

Inductors are traditionally made with a very sophisticated manufacturing process. However, this process has limitations that even the expertise of our employees cannot fully compensate for. The only way to eliminate these limitations is with an entirely new manufacturing technology: 3D printing of inductors. In this process, inductors are made by laser welding. The advantages of this process includes:

  • Ability to create the best inductor geometry, even for delicate inductors that can’t be made manually 
  • The coolant flow calculated through simulation and construction guarantees optimal cooling of inductors 
  • Faster process and prototype development – from the software directly to the printer
  • Perfect reproducibility – no deviations in inductor production

Ensure Safety with a State-of-the-Art Measuring System

After 3D printing the inductors, they must be mounted on the newly developed 3D coil connect. With this system, the small amount of deviations created during the process are detected with 3D measuring systems and corrected. The result are ready-to-install inductors that deliver uniform results for induction heating.

Process-Reliable Tool Changes Through a New System 

What use is the best inductor if there are still deviations during installation? This is the exact question that the engineers at eldec asked themselves, and that prompted them to develop the 3D Coil Connect. The new coaxial mounting system for inductors ensures a tooling process that is both fast and precise, and in which the geometry of the inductor foot permits only one pre-defined mounting position.  This makes improperly mounted inductors or complicated adjustment processes after changing inductors a thing of the past. Machine downtimes are reduced to an absolute minimum – while the quality of the parts increases.

MIND-L 1000


  • Modular and compact design allows for custom hardening solutions
  • Simultaneous hardening, annealing and additional functions owing to vertical rotary table concept 
  • 10 to 1,000 kW energy sources
  • Available in low, medium, high and dual frequency generators (DFG or SDF®)
  • Integrated slim gantry automation (optional)
  • Extensive process data and machine condition monitoring with eQC
  • Generous accessibility for set-up mode
  • Solid design, precise positioning: reproducible and consistently stable results

Technical Data

Workpiece dia., max.mm
Workpiece length, max.mm
160 / 200
6.5 / 8
Workpiece weight, max.kg
GeneratorskWup to 500 kW (MF)
up to 500 kW (HF)
up to 200 kW (LF)
up to 1000 kW (SDF)
up to 500/500 kW (DFG)


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