Digitization @ eldec: IoT for Induction Hardening Machines and Generators

While designing eldec’s IoT products, the highest value was placed on user-experience (UX design) and optimizing manufacturing quality. Process monitoring, for example, with eldec Quality Control (eQC) ensures that the user achieves the best results during the induction hardening process. We’ve also redesigned our control panels on the MIND hardening machines and generators so they are simple and intuitive to operate, allowing you to use them the same way you use your smartphone daily. This combination of innovative software and the best induction technology makes eldec’s solutions the most modern heating solutions on the market.

eldec Quality Control (eQC) is a package of modules, designed to build on or compliment eachother, that guarantee users are able to fully monitor their hardening processes. 

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Heat & Repeat is in essence a recording option for induction heating. The generator output is tracked for a defined period and can afterwards be replayed at the press of a button.

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