Energy sources / Generators

eldec generators: the basis of reliable induction heating

eldec generators form the basis for reliable induction heating. Sophisticated rectifiers, sturdy IGBT inverter modules, high-efficiency resonant oscillation circuit components in combination with the microprocessorcontrolled high-speed eldec control and regulating architecture form a product which is second to none on the market in terms of adjustment range, efficiency, energy dosing and reliability. Many thousands of generators have been built and are permanently being improved.

eldec can provide the perfect product for your application: The PICO, PRODUCT LINE and CUSTOM LINE product lines comprise mediumfrequency and high-frequency generators from 1.5 to 1,500 kW while DF and SDF® generators range from 50 to 3,000 kW.

eldec generators

Compact, red, strong: Just heat. Low-cost energy sources with a single output and very simple intuitive control MF and HF 5 – 150 KW.

eldec ECO LINE Generators for HF and MF

The mid-range: Energy sources with single or multiple outputs to act as a stand-alone solution or for integration in complete systems. MF and HF 5 – 150 kW.

Everything is possible: Bespoke energy sources with single or multiple outputs and a wide range of power and frequency combinations. LF, MF, HF, DF, SDF® 20 – 3,000 kW.

The eldec generator portfolio

The sophisticated induction technology used in eldec generators makes it possible to supply energy extremely efficiently for all types of heating systems and induction hardening machines. They form the basis for solid production chains.

  • Device protection by robust IGBT transistor technology: Short-circuit and open-circuit proof. Even accidental workpiece contact does not damage the generator.
  • High efficiency of over 90% in all power classes.
  • Flexible energy transfer: eldec generators are available with hose packages of up to 15 m in length.
  • Automatic adjustment to the resonance frequency and inductor dimensions.
  • Precision energy dosing (+/- 2%) for high reproducibility and therefore excellent process capability (SPC).
  • High power density due to the improved design of all components.
  • Large frequency, power and adjustment ranges.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Inverter in modular design.
  • Easy operation and handling.
  • Integration in higher-level manufacturing systems using various interfaces (analog and bus).
  • Extensive range of multiple-power outputs: Switchable multiple outputs 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A (power available on an either/or basis for each output). Parallel multiple outputs: Twin, quad, triple to eight-way multiple outputs (power available in parallel and on an individually controllable basis). Symmetrical multiple outputs (power available in parallel, not individually controllable).
  • All power details on the basis of 100% duty cycle. Short-term power increase to order.
  • eQC provides a range of functions and possibilities for quality monitoring.