CUSTOM LINE Generators

CUSTOM LINE Generators: Customized Technology for your Induction Application

Get the best energy source for induction heating: CUSTOM LINE generators are tailored precisely to fit the specific application, production process, and component.

Induction generators with a wide range of optional features

Induction heating is used in numerous industries for many different applications, ranging from shrinking, stretching, and joining through to melting, annealing, and highly effective induction surface hardening.

But which is the right energy source for each task?  – Our CUSTOM LINE generators provide tailor-made answers to that question. The devices are configured very specifically. There is a huge range of solutions available, with single or multiple outputs and a wealth of power and frequency combinations.

What they all have in common is eldec's high standard of quality: Our sophisticated induction technology is synonymous with perfect device protection, a high efficiency ratio and power density, precisely controlled energy application, easy operation, and maintenance-free use.

Are you looking for the right generator for a specific production task? We'd be happy to assist you in the early stages of a project, to pinpoint the best solution.

CUSTOM LINE Generators


  • High efficiency ratio
  • Precisely controlled application of energy
  • Wide frequency, power, and adjustment ranges
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy operation
  • Extensive interface package
  • Wide range of multiple power outputs


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