CUSTOM LINE – SDF® generators

CUSTOM LINE SDF® generators: use two frequencies simultaneously OR separately

With SDF® generators, two different frequencies act simultaneously on the workpiece to be heated, causing the entire component to be induction hardened with absolutely uniform depth and temperature.

New precision – maximum flexibility

The outstanding advantages of this patented method are especially evident when hardening complex components such as gear wheels. While using a SDF ® generator, medium frequencies can penetrate more deeply into the gear wheel, primarily heating the tooth base, and at the same time high frequencies heat the tooth tip. The entire component is heated with absolutely uniform depth and temperature.

To achieve this eldec’s SDF® generators have one high frequency converter and one medium frequency converter sharing a common power output, with high frequency oscillation superimposed on the basic medium frequency oscillation during the SDF process.

In addition, the conventional use of high frequency and medium frequency energy is possible as well, giving the user a vey versatile generator with high power density (power 50 to 3000 kW, frequency: 10 kHz to 25 kHz and 150 kHz to 350 kHz).

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CUSTOM LINE – SDF® generators


  • Simultaneous heating with medium and high frequencies
  • Accurate surface hardening on complex contours
  • Versatile use as pure MF or HF generator
  • Combination of pulse width modulation and pulse train control
  • High speed PLC with eldec control print: short clock frequencies for extremely rapid control
  • Extremely high energy density for short process times
  • Can be integrated into automated lines
  • Low energy consumption per workpiece
  • Little to no surface oxidation
  • Minimization of component warpage


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