ECO LINE EEi² Generators: Maximum Connectivity and Smartphone-like Handling

Optimal connectivity and easy to use induction heating – the new generation of our robust mid-range generators with industry 4.0 capabilities.

For Standalone Use or Integration into Preexisting Systems

The abbreviation “EEi²” stands for the new “EMAG eldec Intuitive Interface” that allows generators to be operated as standalone systems as easily as using a smartphone. If integration into a preexisting system is desired, this can be done easily using a Siemens PLC. A Profinet interface is used for the data connection.

ECO LINE EEi² generators are designed for standalone use or integration into overall systems. They feature a continuous power rating ranging from 5 to 150 kW (MF version) or 5 to 75 kW (HF version). Optionally, power can be increased by up to 50 percent depending on time and frequency (MF version).

Frequency ranges of 8 kHz to 400 kHz, as well as devices with single or multiple outputs are available. Multiple output devices are delivered with “2A” functionality (two outputs, sequential heating), “x 2” functionality (two outputs, simultaneous and independent heating), or “: 2” functionality (two outputs, simultaneous symmetrical heating). Additionally, “eldec Quality Control” modules are integrated for better production reliability.



  • High efficiency and precisely controlled application of energy
  • Wide frequency, power, and adjustment ranges
  • Easy smartphone-like operation
  • Extensive interface package
  • Different operating and control modes
    Siemens PLC


  • Line voltage 200 V, 480 V and other values available upon request
  • Foot pedal and foot switch
  • Pyrometer (single and multiple)
  • Brazing gun
  • Coaxial handling with two handles
  • Heating cable (direct connection or via cable box)
  • Energy transmission via flexible hose bundle up to 15 m (MF version) or via flexible hose bundle up to 5 m (HF version)
  • Profibus, EtherCat, additional field buses upon request
  • Emergency stop, dual channel output
  • Quick-change device: coax/cable box
  • Extension of adaptation range through connection of a second frequency band or through serial/parallel switching (manual or automatic)
  • eQC modules: eSM earth fault, ePM flux, ePM energy, eSM RFID,
  • Remote maintenance
  • Temperature curve (100 units)
  • Special paintwork
  • UL standard
  • Quick-release coupling for cooling water connections
  • Separate supply of inductor cooling water
  • Chassis (not for XS enclosure size)
  • Active/passive coolant systems
  • Power specification < 1% steps 
    Sensor signals for temperature measurement at 0-5 V, 0-10 V and 4-20 mA



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