ECO LINE HF - Generators

ECO LINE HF generators: Robust technology — efficient heating processes

ECO LINE series high-frequency generators are a great match for virtually any production solution. They provide a continuous power of 5 to 75 kW.

HF generators with many optional features

A combination of advanced power electronics, state-of-the-art control technology, and strict selection processes for all components delivers a top-of-the-line, high-frequency generator usable either as a standalone solution or integrated into a larger system. In either case, users benefit from a technology that offers extremely precise energy dosing for improved consistency and repeatability in production processes.

Another strength is the large variety of ECO LINE HF generators, with power ratings from 5 to 150 kW, frequencies from 60 to 400 kHz, multiple outputs and flexible options for control.

All in all, the ECO LINE HF generator is a virtually maintenance-free product whose extreme reliability has immediate benefits for process uptime. The high efficiency of the energy source improves the overall efficiency of the production system during hardening, heating, or joining operations.

ECO LINE HF - Generators


  • HF generator with robust technology
  • Tested components
  • Compact design
  • Intuitive control
  • All eldec energy sources can be power, current, or temperature controlled. This makes it possible to respond in the best way to the individual requirements and environmental conditions of each process.


  • Supply voltage 200 V, 380 V, 400 V, 480 V, 560 V
  • Hose bundle up to 15 m long
  • Profibus, Profinet interface for external control
  • Coax winding changeover
  • Ground fault monitoring
  • Energy controller
  • Pyrometer temperature control
  • Temperature logger
  • Foot switch/pedal
  • Soldering gun
  • Current and voltage indicators
  • Cooling systems on request

Technical Data - HFG power 5 – 15 kW in the desktop housing

Type / Rated capacityMains connection
± 10% 50/60 Hz
Required cooling
water without
Generator dimensions*Weight
 VAl/minW x H x D mmkg
HFG 53 x 4001012550 x 340 x 60050
HFG 103 x 4002012550 x 340 x 60050
HFG 153 x 4003212550 x 340 x 60050

Technical Data - HFG power 20 – 75 kW

Type / Rated capacityMains connection
± 10% 50/60 Hz
Required cooling
water without
Generator dimensions*Weight
 VAl/minW x H x D mmkg
HFG 203 x 4003519550 x 600 x 80090
HFG 303 x 4006319550 x 790 x 80090
HFG 503 x 40010028550 x 1.180 x 800130
HFG 753 x 40016038550 x 1.180 x 800150

*The dimensions and weight of the generator may differ depending on equipment features (options).



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