MICO-L Generators

MICO-L: Perfect solution for mobile or stationary induction heating

The eldec MICO-L generator offers users a particularly powerful complete solution that includes a coolant system. Medium (18 to 80 kW) and high-frequency devices (15 to 35 kW) are available.

High-performance complete solution for cost-effective induction heating

The L in the name of these induction heating systems stands for “large”. In the medium-frequency version, the MICO-L delivers up to 80 kW for hardening and heating parts and components.

This powerhouse comes with a generator, cooling system, controller, and hose bundle. It can be moved on casters as an option (a base plate for stationary use is always included) and is therefore available at all times. Inside, carefully selected high-performance components ensure safe and precise heating processes. The reliability and efficiency of these devices is the result of decades of development and optimization by eldec.

The MICO-L can be equipped with a wide range of inductors (tools), brazing guns, heating cables, and auxiliary devices. This unit is a true all-round solution for induction heating and a wide variety of effective heating processes required in various industries.

MICO-L Generators


  • Frequency inverter and cooling system in a single housing
  • Stationary and mobile use possible
  • Numerous configuration options
  • Intuitive operation via touchscreen
  • Emergency stop button
  • Convenient solutions for tool storage


  • Up to 15 m coax cable (MF)   
  • Arm with balancer
  • Tools: Inductors, brazing gun, heating cable/cable box (for shrinking or joining applications)
  • Dual-output and twin generators on request
  • Pyrometer for temperature measurement
  • Foot pedal/switch
  • Working surface on request

Technical Data

TypeMF powerHF powerDimensionsWeightOperation
 kWkWW x H x D mmkg 
MICO-L2015800 x 1935 x 1600625Intuitive user
with integrated
Stop button

MICO-L3035800 x 1935 x 1600625
MICO-L50 800 x 1935 x 1600625
MICO-L50(80) 800 x 1935 x 1600625
MICO-L70 800 x 1935 x 1600625



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