MICO-M: Induction heating and hardening with a mobile energy container

It doesn’t get any more flexible: The MICO-M generator comes with casters so that it can be moved quickly wherever needed. Customers may choose between a medium-frequency (20, 25, or 30 kW) and a high-frequency version (15 kW).

All-round solution for induction heating

This induction technology has a wide variety of applications: Brazing flat copper wires for machines, heating stress bolts in the construction of power plants, or hardening forming tools — are only a few of the examples.

The secret of the machine’s success is its intelligent mix of compact size, quality, and mobility.A MICO-M energy container includes the generator itself, the active coolant system, the PLC system controller, and the hose bundle. The entire unit is also easy to move around with the casters.

Once it is in place, users benefit from the intuitive controller with its integrated touch screen. They have a mature, energy-efficient technology at their disposal that enables them to precisely control the amount of energy required.

These qualities are complemented by a wide range of options, including, the MICO-M’s ability to be equipped with parallelogram kinematics. This makes the handling of the tool and cable significantly easier.



  • Frequency inverter and cooling system in a single housing
  • Stationary and mobile use possible
  • Numerous configuration options
  • Intuitive operation via touchscreen
  • Emergency stop button
  • Convenient solutions for tool storage
  • All eldec energy sources can be power, current, or temperature controlled. This makes it possible to respond in the best way to the individual requirements and environmental conditions of each process.


  • Up to 15 m coax cable (MF)   
  • Arm with balancer
  • Tools: Inductors, brazing gun, heating cable/cable box (for shrinking or joining applications)
  • Dual-output and twin generators on request
  • Pyrometer for temperature measurement
  • Foot pedal/switch
  • Working surface on request

Technical Data

TypeMF powerHF powerDimensionsWeightOperation
 kWkWW x H x D mmkg 
MICO-M2015800 x 935 x 1600480Intuitive user
with wired
Stop button

MICO-M25 800 x 935 x 1600480
MICO-M30 800 x 935 x 1600480



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