PICO-SC: Mobile Induction Heating

PICO-SCs are compact plug & play devices for the induction heating of a wide range of workpieces and materials. By integrating the active cooler and generator in a single housing, stationary and mobile inductive soldering, annealing, cut edge hardening and many other applications have been simplified in a practical way.

PICO-SC: compact, complete, mobile

The series can be supplied in mid or high frequencies in power classes from 5 kW to 30 kW and can be transported as standard using rollers, a crane, or forklift. In addition to operation with an inductor or soldering gun, they can also be used with annealing cables. Arms with a balancer or parallelogram kinematics can be supplied to ensure that the tools can be used ergonomically without their weight having to be supported.

Occupational safety and high availability are important to us. The generators always feature electrical isolation for this purpose. In addition, the generator’s temperature and delivery rate are continuously monitored.

PICO-SC devices are surprisingly low cost due to the high level of standardization, but nevertheless feature uncompromising eldec quality and are extremely powerful: In the 30 KW MF version, PICO-SC devices deliver the highest power density on the market.


PICO by eldec – Compact, Complete, Mobile

Technical Design:

  • Short-circuit and idling-proof IGBT transistor technology
  • Automatic adjustment to resonance frequency
  • Automatic adjustment and power regulation by pulse width modulation (MF) and pulse package control (HF), even if the Curie temperature is exceeded
  • Energy transfer using flexible hose package, 5 m (MF)
  • Energy transfer using flexible hose package, 3 m (HF)
  • Circuit topology with electrical isolation
  • Temperature and delivery rate-monitored fluid circuits with alarm function
  • High speed EMAG eldec regulating and control technology (response time <10 μs)
  • Precise energy output by controlling the power in 1% steps and 10 ms timer steps
  • Interaction levels > 95% (depending on operating status)
  • Housing with enclosure type IP40 (generator), IP20 (active cooler)
  • Sensor signals to record temperature 0 – 5 V, 0 – 10 V, 0 –20 mA and 4 – 20 mA
  • Current limits possible (adjustable in 1% steps)


  • Intuitive operation using sealed keypad and display
  • Operating modes: continuous, jog and timer
  • Control types: output, electricity, temperature (PID)
  • 8 different timers with setpoint value ramps,
  • each with a max. runtime of 600 seconds / 999 cycles
  • Memory for recipe management, up to 50 recipes
  • Connection for pyrometer, foot switch, or pedal
  • External activation using hardware contacts
  • Active cooler available in 3 capacity classes: 7 kW, 10 kW, or 15 kW cooling capacity
  • Tank capacity: 50 l

Available Options:

  • Mains voltage 480 V
  • Pedal
  • Foot switch
  • Pyrometer
  • Brazing gun
  • Heating cable (connection via cable box)
  • Holding the inductor / soldering gun weightlessly using an arm with balancer
  • Holding the inductor / soldering gun weightlessly using parallelogram kinematics
  • Hose package holder
  • Energy transfer using flexible hose package, up to 15 m (MF)
  • Energy transfer using flexible hose package, up to 5 m (HF)



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