PICO Generators

PICO Generators by eldec – Compact, Red, Strong

Cost-efficient, budget-driven Generators with a single output, controlled by a simple, intuitive operator interface.

The PICO generator comes in small, medium and large – three sizes and has a variety of power levels available. PICO-S, PICO-M and PICO-L are affordable generators, developed, built and tested by eldec using strictly standardized, high quality components.

eldec PICO Generators are available as medium frequency and high frequency energy sources, from 5 kW to 150 kW, for the induction heating of a variety of workpieces comprised of different materials.

PICO generators are extremely compact with high power density and a simple set-up. Thanks to the new, intuitive user interface, plug & play is a reality: unpack, connect power and heat.

Equipped with familiar operator functions, these powerful generators are easy to use and readily available. Continuous, tap and timer mode, power, current and temperature control, as well as program memory storage, are standard.

And if you require higher output powers, multiple outputs, changeable frequencies or even simultaneous dual frequency (SDF®, DFG, LFG) eldec’s ECO-LINE and CUSTOM-LINE GENERATORS offer individual solutions for your application.

PICO Generators

PICO by eldec – Compact, Red, Strong


  • Mode of Operation: Continuous, Tap, Timer
  • Method of Control: Power, Current, Temperature (by Pyrometer)
  • 8 individual timers with up to 600 sec runtime each
  • Available memory management for up to 50 recipes
  • Intuitive handling through sealed keypad and display

Available Options:

  • Control via foot pedal and external interface possible
  • eldec brazing pistol
  • Profibus / Profinet Interface upon request
  • 2-channel Emergency Stop on the PICO-M and PICO-L: Crane-ready liftable-housing (safety class IP54 protection) and caster-base on the PICO-M and PICO-L

eldec PICO Generators are available as medium frequency and high frequency energy sources

MF frequency ranges:

  • 8 – 20 kHz or 16 – 40 kHz

HF frequency ranges:

  • 100 – 250 kHz or 160 – 400 kHz

Occupational safety and high availability are important to us. The units are therefore of tried-and-tested eldec quality with electrical isolation of all external signal connections.

In addition, cooling water and cooling element temperature as well as generator and inductor cooling water temperature are monitored consistently.


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