PICO-S generators

PICO-S: mobile generator for perfect induction heating

With the new PICO-S series, eldec presents an extremely compact mobile generator. Depending on the model, it can be configured as a medium frequency energy source (5 up to 30 kW) or high frequency energy source (5 up to 15 kW).

Induction heating with maximum PICO efficiency

The compact PICO-S, perfect for portable use, is based on proven technology from German induction heating specialist eldec, while the configuration of its central elements has been simplified and distilled down to the essentials – resulting in not only lower construction costs but also a lower price to the customer.

Operation of the PICO-S couldn't be easier, yet the mobile generator is still capable of processing a very wide range of materials and workpieces with high power density. All you need to do is unpack it, plug it in, and start heating!

Despite its compact form, this induction generator is fully featured. For example, it offers operation in continuous, jog, and timer modes, as well as control by power, current, or temperature. There is also a memory for up to 50 programs. The intuitive software is operated via a tough membrane keypad. Use of a control device is also possible.

PICO-S generators

PICO by eldec – Compact, Red, Strong


  • High power density
  • Plug & play
  • Intuitive operation
  • Wide range of applications
  • Tested technology
  • Operating modes: Continuous, Jog, Timer
  • Control modes: Power, Current, Temperature (pyrometer)
  • 8 different timers each with max. 600 sec runtime
  • Operation is intuitive, using a membrane keypad and display screen

Technical Data PICO-S

Type/Rated capacityMains connection
+/- 10% 50/60 Hz
Required cooling
water without
Generator dimensionsWeight
VAl/minW x H x D mmkg
3 x 400108450 x 280 x 51050
PICO-S 10 MF3 x 400208450 x 280 x 51050
PICO-S 15 MF3 x 400328450 x 280 x 51050
PICO-S 20 MF3 x 4003510450 x 280 x 51050
PICO-S 30 MF3 x 4006312450 x 280 x 51050
PICO-S 5 HF3 x 400108450 x 280 x 51050
PICO-S 10 HF3 x 400208450 x 280 x 51050
PICO-S 15 HF3 x 400328450 x 280 x 51050



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