RACK LINE Generators: Multi power

Plug-in expandable energy source for precise integration into systems. MF 5 - 30 kW.

Multi power for precise system integration

The RACK LINE generators are highly flexible modular solutions that can be easily and space-efficiently integrated into complete systems such as production lines. The decisive factor here is that these energy sources have been reduced to a plug-in module, which contains all the basic components for reliable induction heating - such as robust inverter modules and highly efficient resonant circuit components. Other components that are required for the protection and connection of the module to the power supply, or the monitoring of the cooling water circuits, however, are not integrated. They are outside the module, e.g. in a control cabinet, or individually tailored to the overall system, placed. In this way massive space can be saved and the total integration e.g. simplify several modules.

The control of a module, or a system of several modules can be designed individually according to customer requirements.

A SIEMENS PLC control with Profibus, Profinet and other fieldbus systems is available for connection to the complete system.



  • Siemens control
  • Profinet, Profbus, further fieldbuses possible
  • Selected eQC modules for process monitoring
  • Robust IGBT transistor technology => short and idle proof
  • Efficiency > 90%
  • Automatic adaptation to resonance frequency and thereby inductor dimension
  • Circuit topology with output transformer: optimum operator protection
  • High-speed PLC with eldec control print: high clock pulse frequencies for extremely rapid control
  • Precise energy dosing (+/- 2%) => high process capability (reliability)
  • Inverter with modular design
  • Compact eldec transformers and throttles => optimum power density
  • Hose bundles of up to 15 meter length
  • Widest frequency and power range and largest adaptation range on the market
  • Maintenance free


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