MIND-XL 750/1500

Induction hardening machine for very large and heavy components in small to medium quantities

The MIND series is the result of many years of experience that eldec has gained as a supplier of inductive energy sources and complete special machines for hardening a wide variety of workpieces.

This accumulated know-how has now led to a new generation of modular, inductive hardening machines.

MIND stands for Modular Induction. Full modularity for optimum solutions for hardening. The modular principle makes it possible to design hardening individually and efficiently. Depending on the workpiece dimensions, the desired hardening pattern and the requirements for flexibility and batch size, an eldec MIND system is configured from the main components: basic machine, energy source, automation components, coolant system, clamping equipment and tool. A simple and well thought-out modular system that masters any hardening task quickly and cost-effectively.

eldec manufactures the basic frame of the MIND series from solid and highly accurate welded assemblies. The drive technology and the quality of the guides ensure that the MIND-XL is more of a machine tool than "just" a hardening system. These correspond to the most modern machine tool construction, according to European standards. But not only the design guarantees best results for hardening, also the measuring and control technology is on the highest level and adapted to today's heat treatment tasks.

The MIND-XL 750 & MIND-XL 1500 hardening machines are the solution for almost all hardening tasks. It does not matter whether the machine is loaded manually or used as a fully automated system for hardening in a process chain. Each machine is specially manufactured according to the customer's requirements and thus enables the best solutions for hardening chuck and shaft parts with diameters of up to 1,200 mm. 

MIND-XL 750/1500
  • Modular, compact design allows for individual hardening solutions
  • Freely selectionable levels of automation, from manual loading to automatic mass production.
  • All components are manufactured by eldec – optimum quality and availability guaranteed!
Workpiece dia., max.mm
Workpiece length, max.mm
X-axis travelmm
Y-axis travelmm
Z-axis travelmm
750 / 1.500
f max: X / Y / Zm/min
3 / 12 / 24
118 / 472.5 / 945
Workpiece weight, max.kg
GeneratorskWup to 500 kW (MF)
up to 500 kW (HF)
up to 3000 kW (SDF)
up to 500/500 (DFG)


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