Induction Heating Electric Motor Housings

Induction Heating and Joining in one turnkey system.

This turnkey system is used to heat electric motor housings with various dimensions for a wide range of joining processes.

Example Heating System 1: the die-cast aluminium housing for an asynchronous motor (diameter 450 mm) is heated to approx. 290°C in approx. 5 minutes to fit the wound stator package. The parts are loaded and unloaded from the feeding belt parallel to the working time. The heating process takes place in two independent work stations. The generator has a switched output which means that only one generator is required for the two heating stations. The system is controlled using a SIEMENS PLC controller.

Example Heating System 2: the aluminium housing (diameter 140 mm) of a synchronous motor is heated to approx. 280°C in approx. 3 minutes to fit the stator. The component is loaded into and unloaded from the heating station semiautomatically. The system is controlled using a PLC.