Pole Coil Manufacturing

eldec brazing systems: automatic induction brazing of pole coils

The semi-automatic equipment is designed for manufacturing pole coils of hydro and wind power generators.

The machine is based on the experience of the previous manufactured equipments.

The machine is designed as a sturdy, high quality and low maintenance machine.

The operating is very simple, on automatic mode by 2-hand operation with step by step program and on manual mode by touch-panel. 

Induction brazing of pole coils –automated process from brazing systems by eldec

  • Simple touchscreen operation
  • Very robust design
  • Cost effective to maintain
  • High process reliability
  • Fast production due to automated manufacturing

The equipment is designed to manufacture pole coils according to the following dimensions:

  • inner length of pole coil: 600 to 4000 mm
  • inner width of pole coil: 150 to 800 mm
  • min. cross section: 3 x 20 mm
  • max. cross section: 15 x 150 mm
  • max. pole coil weight: 2000 kg
  • max. pole coil height: 300 mm


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