Braze-fitting carbide metal pins

Induction brazing for road construction: brazing road milling teeth quickly and easily

Each tooth of a road milling machine is made in a complex process: The carbide pins at the tip need to be attached permanently to the base body by induction brazing. EMAG eldec generators provide the required energy with precision.

Brazing carbide pins perfectly onto a base body

It is obvious that the teeth of a road milling machine are exposed to extreme wear: These milling bits remove the hard blacktop at high speed. Toolmakers therefore rely on a complex bit design for this application: The tip of the tooth is made from tungsten carbide and cobalt, while the tooth body consists of steel. It absorbs the forces in the lower area of the tool optimally.

To reliably braze the carbide pins onto the steel body, one German toolmaker now relies on induction brazing by EMAG eldec. The process uses inductors with multiple windings that enclose the tooth tip precisely while brazing, bringing it up to red heat and brazing it to the base body. At the same time, the heating acts as an additional hardening step on the tooth, thereby improving the tool’s stability.

In addition to inductors, this tool systems specialist company also uses custom configured medium-frequency generators from EMAG eldec. Their microprocessor control ensures that they supply the required energy to the process rapidly and precisely. This is one major reason why induction brazing with EMAG eldec is significantly more energy efficient than alternative methods like flame or furnace brazing.

Braze-fitting carbide metal pins


  • Fast induction brazing  
  • Energy-efficient control
  • Easy generator operation
  • High process reliability
  • Targeted application of energy


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