Brazing copper profiles

Transformer production: Induction brazing ensures fast production processes

In transformer production, brazing copper profiles is a standard process that must be performed smoothly and efficiently. A German supplier of industrial power supply technology relies on eldec: Induction brazing delivers the required speed. 

eldec ensures processes for brazing

Copper rails and profiles are indispensable for large industrial transformers. In key locations, the differently shaped parts ensure smooth and stable power transmission. To avoid the need for elaborate screw connections, the bars are brazed to their connecting elements. A key prerequisite: The standard process must be performed smoothly and efficiently.

There is a variety of reasons why a German manufacturer of industrial power supplies relies on induction processes by eldec: First, the process is straightforward and fast. The profiles are held together precisely by a clamp, and are positioned above the eldec inductor. At a processing temperature of between 620 and 780 degrees Celsius, the inserted phosphorus brazing alloy melts, thus creating a permanent, firm connection.    

The necessary flexibility in the production process is ensured by a large selection of inductors available to the transformer builder. Depending on the shape and size of the tool, a wide range of different copper profiles can be brazed – without changing the energy source. With its control technology, the MICO L generator provides the exact amount of energy required in each case. Reliable high-performance components also ensure stable processes for induction brazing. eldec makes the process fast, safe, and energy efficient.  

Brazing copper profiles


  • Fast processes
  • Perfect brazing results
  • High repeatability  
  • High part quality


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