After-Sales Service

After-sales service at eldec

From the eldec locations or in conjunction with our global sales and service partners, we ensure that everything runs smoothly for you and that the complete scope of services of your system is always available to you, now and for many years to come.

Full spare part availability and a competent service team ensure a reliable service and a swift response. Because if anything does not work the way you want it to, we will be there to help without delay.


After-sales service hardening systems
Phone: +49-7443-9649-6922
Fax: +49-7443-9649-6931

After-sales service generators
Phone: +49-7443-9649-6933
Fax: +49-7443-9649-6931

Service coils (hardening systems & generators)
Phone: +49-7443-9649-6948


Service accessibility

Monday to Friday
07:30am - 05:00pm