Training program at eldec

Appropriate training is offered to all buyers of machines and generators. Our non-order specific training courses are detailed under EMAG Academy.

User training

Our sophisticated training concept gives you the opportunity to have your eldec system operators comprehensively trained. Individually or in small groups, the participants learn how to get the best productivity levels from your system.

Maintenance training

The service life of every machine is increased significantly through maintenance and care. To maintain your production levels, we offer maintenance training courses, during which your maintenance operatives will learn about all the opportunities for preventive maintenance. So that your manufacturing system always runs smoothly.

Inductor design and inductor manufacturing training

The inductor forms the core of every eldec system. We therefore also dedicate special trainings to inductor manufacturing, which are subdivided into theoretical and practical parts. Here, the participants are first taught the theoretical principles before the practical exercises, where they learn how to build a suitable coil based on frequency, material and power density.