Brazing brass screw fitting

MFG generators by eldec: perfect brazing of brass screw fittings

Brass screw fittings are used in many areas of application – from plant and machinery to central heating systems. eldec generators have proven to be a highly effective source of induction energy for the induction brazing of their components.

Precise induction brazing

Brass screw fittings are an essential part of a diverse range of piping systems. In many cases, they are simple mass-produced components which nevertheless need to withstand continuous high flow velocities in their interior, while suffering no more than minimal abrasion.

The long lifetime required of brass screw fittings is in turn entirely dependent on the quality of the brazing process. eldec offers the full expertise required for induction heating for such applications. eldec's experts develop customized ring inductors for their customers. These are perfectly matched to the energy sources used, the efficient PICO S20 MF or ECO-LINE MFG20 induction generators, which feature robust inverter modules, efficient resonant circuit components, and microprocessor-controlled control architecture.

Users consequently benefit from a process with high repeatability and rapid heat-up through induction. Brazing is carried out at a temperature of 780 degrees Celsius and is controlled by a pyrometer or by time and output settings on the generator.

Brazing brass screw fitting


  • High repeatability
  • Stable brazed connection
  • Quick heat-up time
  • Pyrometer or timer control
  • Minimal energy consumption

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