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eldec and the environment

Induction heating is energy efficient

Energy efficiency and sustainability are the buzzwords of our time. The basic physical principle of induction heating enables maximum efficiency, and therefore sustainability. Why? The heating takes place exactly where it is technically necessary, without heating the surroundings or heating areas of the workpiece that could remain cold. Induction heating processes are powered by electricity and therefore, CO2 free if power by renewable sources. Without gas or flame, induction heating allows for repeatable precision and consistent quality.

Long-lasting and sustainable

In addition, eldec products are designed in such a way that maximum efficiency is ensured. At least as important is a precision engineered inductor-workpiece system, so that heating can be carried out with minimum coupling distances and thus the smallest possible generator output.

Finally, eldec products are proven to be durable and therefore sustainable in the best sense of the word. After twenty years of trouble-free operation, it is not uncommon for generators to return to Dornstetten for overhaul so that they can continue to provide years of reliable service.

Corporate goal: climate neutral by 2025

We are convinced that we too must make our contribution to reducing climate change. For this reason, we have set ourselves the goal of making the entire eldec company climate-neutral by 2025. And we're well on our way.