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MIND-XL 750 / 1500 Induction Hardening Machine

Induction hardening machine for very large and heavy components in small to medium batch quantities.

Induction hardening machines for huge tasks: The right choice for manufacturers of agricultural technology, construction machinery, power plant components, printing machines, truck components, shipbuilding components, wind turbines, roller bearings - in short: induction hardening machines for big tasks.

Rigid overall design, precise positioning and exact generator control ensure reproducible and permanently stable hardening results. Extensive I 4.0 process and machine data acquisition with eQC (eldec quality control). Maximum accessibility for set-up operation and maintenance work.

Available with power sources from 10 - 2000 KW in the frequency ranges LFG, MFG, HFG, DFG (Dual Frequency) and an SDF® (Simultaneous Dual Frequency) for workpieces up to 1300 mm in length, 600 mm in diameter and 200 kg in weight. MIND-XL 750 and 1500 are available as single spindle and double spindle machines, optionally as top-loader version for crane loading from above.

Specifications MIND-XL 750/1500

  • Also available as a toploader for crane loading from above

  • Rigid overall design and precise machine components

  • Work area enclosure

  • NC movement axes in X, Y and Z directions

  • HMI operator guidance via mask input on Siemens control system. Industry 4.0 machine data acquisition with eQC (eldec Quality Control)

  • Optimum accessibility to the work area for set-up and cleaning

Technical Data

Workpiece length, max. 1300 mm
Workpiece dia., max. 600 mm
Workpiece weight, max. 200 kg
Generators up to 500 kW (MF)
  up to 225 kw (HF)
  up to 2000 kw (SDF)
  up to 200/100 kW (DFG)
X-axis travel 100 mm
Y-axis travel 300 mm
Z-axis travel 750 / 1500 mm

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