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RACK-Modules und RACK-LINE generators

Multi-power due to rack plug-in technology

RACK modules & RACK LINES are not off-the-shelf solutions

RACK modules and RACK-LINE generators are individual solutions and are developed in close coordination according to customer requirements. As a result, an almost unlimited number of parallel induction heating operations are possible, which are integrated into customer machines, matched to their control concept.

The basis are RACK modules, compact plug-in units for induction heating. The inverter and the complete oscillating circuit are located on a base plate. The inductor is connected either directly to the module or via a hose package with coaxial transformer. Additional components for protecting and connecting the modules to the power supply can either be part of the RACK module or placed separately and higher-level. 

The RACK modules communicate with a higher-level controller via Profinet, receive heating parameters, START and STOP commands from it and communicate their status. This control handles the evaluation and monitoring of the flow meters placed on the RACK module and is normally part of the customer's machine. But other constellations can also be mapped.

We also offer complete systems in which these modules are integrated in control cabinets: our RACK-LINE generators.
The higher-level control system can be included in the scope of delivery. If required, such solutions can also be designed with empty modules for later expansion. The sensible use of these modules begins with more than two heating operations to be operated in parallel and a high integration requirement in a series machine.

Specifications RACK-LINE

Siemens control

Efficiency > 90 %

Maintenance free

Modular inverter

Largest frequency and power range as well as largest adaptation range on the market

Automatic adaptation to resonance frequency and thus to the inductor dimension

Circuit topology with output transformer: best operator protection

High speed PLC with eldec control board: short cycle frequencies for fastest control

precise energy dosing (+/- 2 %) => high process capability (reproducibility)

robust IGBT transistor technology => short-circuit and open-circuit proof

compact eldec transformers and chokes => best power density

Hose packages up to 15 m length

Profinet, Profibus, other fieldbuses possible

selected eQC modules for process monitoring

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